Discover Vienna the city of Sigmund Freud.


The Sigmund Freud Tour Vienna



The Sigmund Freud Tour Vienna is a guided walking tour in that part of the city of Vienna where SIGMUND FREUD lived

The Sigmund Freud Tour Vienna covers more than 20 relevant places and buildings in Vienna connected to Sigmund Freud (visit to the Museum, Berggasse 19 NOT included); if requested the guide can show you more

The Sigmund Freud Tour Vienna will let you experience  the true spirit of  Dr. Sigmund Freud as it appears in his works and life

The Sigmund Freud Tour Vienna professional and officially accredited guides will embed you completely, for about 2 hours, in the daily life of Dr. Sigmund Freud and his social, cultural and political environment, as it was at the turn of  the 20th century

The Sigmund Freud Tour Vienna is a specialised and copyright protected walking tour about the life and work of SIGMUND FREUD

To fully understand Freud is to know his environment.

The SFTV will bring you, inter alii, to :

- the homes of Freud's patients : Dora, Cëcilia von M., Anna O. (who was patient of Dr Breuer not of Dr Freud)

- his former homes and practices, the homes of his children

- Brückes Institute, where also Freud's friend Fleischl had his room

- the Viennese psychoanalytic ambulatorium

- the relevant places and buildings in and around Berggasse 19

- on request the guide will show you more

The SFTV is now also recommended by the Freud Research Group (Paris)



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