I have red a book today

31 , 2018

Reinforcements, by Heidi Grant.

It is a business book. Saw it in the Financial Times and it seemed interesting, so I bought it.
It is interesting. About how to ask help to people.  How to get people to help you

It gives somes valuable clues and practical advice.

As could be expected from a business book it sticks to consciousness and neuroscientific evidence. Which, by the way, always and invariably confirms the psychoanalytical clinical evidence. Furthermore it is a cascade of clinical behavioural studies to underpin the help-theory

However what strikes most is that Mrs Heidi Grant, psychologist, does not seem to master the Freudian theory. She states at page 164, that Freud 'cigar enthusiast',  limits human behaviour to seeking pleasure and avoiding pain,... but 'what about the pain of a marathon runner', 'students and their deprivations in order to succeed', 'soldiers putting their lives at risk to help theire comrades',....

Clearly she does not know about the Freudian structure of the mind : Id-Ego-Superego

This in 2018. Striking. Maybe help asked from a psychoanalyst could.... well help. Cannot be too difficult for the writer of of book with precisely this object (how to seek help)





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