The SFTV is a specialised and copyright protected, walking tour, about places and buildings in Vienna  connected to Dr Sigmund Freud

Every TOUR is conducted by an accredited Austrian guide with special Sigmund Freud training who will guide you to more than 20 locations (Museum at the  Berggasse 19 not included)

The Tour starts at Freud's favorite summer café : café Landtmann, Universitätsring 4, 1010 Wien, next to the Burgtheater (left when back sided to the Rathaus), unless otherwise requested or individually communicated.

At the end of the TOUR you will have an overview of the life of Sigmund Freud in Vienna at the turn of the 20th century and have an expert  insight in the most relevant Viennese places connected to Sigmund Freud (University, clients, living places,...).

The TOUR is composed from a psychologist's and psychoanalyst's point of view and is fully backed up by scientific references.

You will feel the spirit that conducted Sigmund Freud in his works and you should also feel the vast human and intellectual emptiness created by the wiping out of the Vienna Jewish community by nazism in 1938.

Furthermore special events can occur during the TOUR.

The SFTV is a PRIVATE tour, meaning you will have the guide at your disposal for more than 2 hours; this explains the price setting. On your request we can try to match you with other people (be aware that the time, language, interests, etc.... can be different...)

Price   :   cat. 1 : from 1 to max. 4 persons         :      195  EUR 

                cat. 2 : group from   5 to 10 persons   :      240  EUR

                cat. 3 : group from 11 to 20 persons   :      280  EUR

Groups over 20 persons are to be divided into two groups

The price indicated is the price for a two hours tour, regardless the number of participating persons (except the groups) :

- 1 person pays : 195 EUR

- 2 people pay each : 195/2 = 97,5 EUR

- 6 people pay each : 240/6 = 40 EUR


The tour ends at the Museum, Berggasse 19 - The Price for every additional hour is 100 EUR

The sum is payable to your GUIDE at the start of the TOUR -  The PRICE & CANCELLATION policy are subject to the general terms and conditions for Guided Tours by Authorised Tourist Guides (see : Legal notice)

The TOUR is available every day, but we would appreciate you to book at least 72 hours in advance

The TOUR is avalaible in English, German, French (1 guide), Italian (1 guide) & Russian

The SFTV also provides background information about the everyday life of Sigmund Freud, not directly available in the common literature, leading you to better understand how he came to invent psychoanalysis and its concepts in the Habsburg city of Vienna at the first half of the 20th century

Currently only 1 TOUR can be BOOKED : Freud Classic Tour

Freud Classic Tour

This Tour will guide you to the most important Viennese buildings and places of Sigmund Freud's university and professional life. This is the 'classic' Freud Tour; where it all happened.

Statistics (as measured  by  POLAR  systems):                                                                                                                                                            
- duration : 1.07 hour (exempt of  explanation by the guide, which doubles the time)
- lenght    :   5,75 km
- energy :     357 kcl (male person of 80 kg)